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We seek to give hope and ease the burden of cancer by providing compassionate support to patients, families and researchers in our community. 

Reno Cancer Foundation helps meet the needs of Northern Nevada cancer patients by providing financial assistance for expenses such as transportation and lodging while undergoing treatment, rent and utilities and groceries.  

Director of Reno Cancer Foundation


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annual rcf golf tournament

Lois Bynum, Director 

patient stories

"Thank you so very much. Without your help there would be no hope for cancer patients."


      The family of an eight year old leukemia patient who must go to San Francisco monthly for chemotherapy and they have no car.

      The teacher who must stop working and still support her children while waiting for her disability payments to begin. 

      A nurse from Elko must spend several weeks in Reno for radiation therapy and she has nowhere to stay.  

      The retired electrician who must undergo surgery and chemotherapy and whose health insurance does not cover the expensive medication.  


      A University Professor is establishing a community-based Cancer Risk Reduction program and needs the funding to initiate the project.

These are among the people the Reno Cancer Foundation has helped.  Through its programs of financial assistance Reno Cancer Foundation helps cancer patients and their families confront overwhelming challenges.  By providing support in research and education in areas related to cancer, the Reno Cancer Foundation is helping to decrease the number of lives this devastating disease will alter.   

The Reno Cancer Foundation Inc., a private non-profit charitable organization, has been incorporated since 1945, when it operated under the name of "Reno Cancer Examination Center." In 1959 the name was officially changed to "Reno Cancer Center, Inc." and in 1989 to the "Reno Cancer Foundation, Inc."  

​The Foundation has no affiliation with any other local or national organization.