"This thank you is sent with love and appreciation beyond words.  I truly don't know how I could've come with far without your help.  Thank you every day from the deepest place in my heart.  I'm forever grateful for your foundation and personal commitment.  I still have a few more chemo's and then 1/2 way there to radiation.  I'm beginning to believe in miracles and I may just be one!!!!  I keep telling myself it's a journey for only the survivors!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ~Anonymous Recipient

"Thank you and the Reno Cancer Foundation so very much! The past few months have been challenging and emotional.  Because of your generosity and help, I have had less to worry about and have been able to focus on getting better.  Thank you again."

​                                                                                                    ~Anonymous recipient

Patient Stories

"Thank you so very much.   Without your help there would be no hope for cancer patients."

                                                                                                                   ~Anonymous recipient 

"My son was so excited to receive your check.  As simple as it seems, it allowed him to feel special.   It gave him the opportunity to have food that he wants to eat.  He eats little meals all day and because of your generosity he ate and gained weight! Woo hoo up to 92 lbs.  Plus he was able to contribute to his living expenses.  All he wanted was a "normal"  life...to work, live independently, have a girlfriend?...Cancer took that all away.  Now he wants..just one more day.  Thank you! Your kindness really made a difference in my son's life. "

                                                                                                   ~Anonymous recipient's mother

"I am so grateful for all you did for my brother.  He died just 6 weeks from his initial diagnosis.  Yet in that time of desperation to make life go smoothly you and your organization stood out like a shining star.  Where did you come from? There was so much chaos surrounding his life and yet you helped him feel connected, you gave him food, you gave him security, you gave him something to hold on to- and all that gave him hope."

                                                                                                               ~Recipient's family member

​​"You don't know how wonderful and deeply felt your generosity and help goes! When your check came, my dad was surprised and deeply appreciated this sweet gift. I cried every time I thought about it! All day!" 

-Anonymous Recipient's Daughter

"I cannot begin to find the word's of kindness that I feel in my heart for the caring, supportive, thoughtfulness you have expressed to; as I don't have a clue as to how I would have made it through these last two months without your assistance.  If you can find the resources I can desperately use your help with rent & auto payment the first of November; as my surgical date is coming very near. "

                                                                                                                   ~Anonymous recipient 

"You may never know how very much all this meant to him, but those of us who loved him are so grateful.  Your caring direction over your organization made all the difference in his last days on this Earth.  Thank you so much for your example of service.  We must never loose sight of the fact that every life is significant-even life ravaged by inevitable death.  Every hour was made better because you cared.  Thank  you and continue on."  

                                                                                                      ~Anonymous recipient's spouse

"Thank you so very much for helping our family, again!  Having one less thing to worry about means the world to us.  Your kindness is truly heart warming & unforgettable.  Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!"

                                                                                                     ~Anonymous recipient & family